Information Technology Model Meow Mart

Information Technology Model Meow Mart Meow-Mart is a locally owned cat boutique specializing in custom-built cat condos. Meow-Mart has teamed up with a local carpentry business and has seen a boom in business within 100-mile proximity to the stores’ premise.

Information Technology Model Meow Mart
Information Technology Model Meow Mart

Meow-Mart has decided to hire a Management Information Systems consultant to assess and recommend an Information Technology plan that supports the following business objectives:

Improves marketing to all 50 states

Automates business transactions

Secures personal data

Streamlines logistics such as supply management and distribution

Provides a collaborative communications platform

Ensures that there is no loss of data due to unexpected outages

Information Technology Model Meow Mart Instructions

You will present your IT plan to Meow-Martís Owner using Microsoft PowerPoint. You will need to include audio explaining the slides, diagrams/charts, quantitative analysis, and Disaster Recovery Planning worksheet. To find help on how to include audio with your PowerPoint presentation see the link in Resources.

The strategy must include the following components:

Explain the types of Information Technology systems that would support the objectives (1 slide, include text explanation in the notes)

Use diagrams and/or charts as a visual aid (2 slides minimum)

Provide quantitative analysis in order to measure performance and benchmarks (1-2 slides)

Use the Disaster Recovery planning worksheet (attached) to develop a strategy that ensures no loss of data due to unexpected outages (1 slide, include text explanation in the notes)


Rasmussen College

ISM 3015 Management Information Systems

Purpose and Objectives:

(Provide the purpose of your disaster recovery plan)

Information Technology Model Meow Mart Key Personnel

(List the key stakeholders that should be contacted in the event of an emergency. Describe the order of alerting each and why)

Disaster Recovery Architecture Overview:

(Develop a diagram or flow chart here using any tool (Ex. PowerPoint, Visio, etc)

Risk Assessment:

(Analyze the following pre-determined risk factors and complete the risk matrix)

Probability= 1(low)-5(high)               Impact= 1(low)-5(high)

Risk Event      Probability       Impact Description of the implication of this risk and how it will be remediated



Power Outage

Data Breach

Trigger Events:

Describe potential trigger that would cause the activation of the DR plan (Ex. Weather Forecast, Fire Alarm)

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