Intellectual Property and Capital Paper

Intellectual Property and Capital
Intellectual Property and Capital

Intellectual Property and Capital

Intellectual Property and Capital

Please see guide below for what needs to be addressed in assignment. Will provide ONE source, two to three more is needed. Any questions please reach out

What is the definition of Intellectual Capital?
How does Wendy’s define their Intellectual Capital?
What business risks does Wendy’s cite which involve their intellectual capital?
What is the value of the Intellectual Capital on Wendy’s balance sheet as of year end 2013? You will need to review the notes to the consolidated financial statements to find this.
Your paper must meet the following quality specifications:
All sections must be submitted in a single Microsoft Word Document including all extent charts, graphs, and spreadsheets
The text of all sections must be in APA format, double spaced, 12 Point Font
At least 75% of your work must be your original work
View your project as a product that must have some competitive factor to favorably differentiate it from the projects of other students
Other credible sources

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