Intellectual Property Essay Assignment

Intellectual Property Essay
Intellectual Property Essay

Intellectual Property Essay Assignment

Final Essay Instructions
Students will write an essay on a topic provided by the instructor. The essay should be 6 pages long, double-spaced and typed, formatted using MLA, and must include a bibliography. It should incorporate concepts discussed in the course and the course readings, as well as outside research and original thought about the question at hand.
Students should use formal essay format, including an introduction that includes your thesis statement and an outline of the arguments to follow, and a conclusion that sums up your main argument and all of your points.
Essay Topic:
Students should choose to answer one of the response questions below, which are based on the questions for weeks 9, 11 and 12. It is ok to use (copy elements of), refine, and elaborate your submission to the corresponding weekly response questions.

  • Is the intellectual property system fair to all people? Why or why not? What changes are required to make the system more fair?
  • What are the most important changes that must be made to intellectual property law to ensure a bright future in light of changing modes of production and access?
  •  Can intellectual property save the world?

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