Intercultural communications Essay Paper

Intercultural communications
Intercultural communications

Intercultural communications

According to McFate, “There is no doubt that the lack of adversary cultural knowledge can have grave consequences strategically, operationally, and tactically.” What are the consequences of such lack of adversary cultural knowledge?
if you can give military examples please.

The first paragraph is your introductory paragraph. This paragraph should have an attention gainer. It will also provide background information and the thesis statement. This thesis statement will restate the question asked, provide your position, and list your main points in one to two sentences at the end of your introductory paragraph.
Body paragraphs are based on the main points listed within your thesis statement.
Generally, you should have one body paragraph per main point. The first sentence should state what the main point being addressed by the paragraph is. After the first sentence, the paragraph will provide supporting examples and reasons for your main point. The last sentence of each paragraph will be your transition sentence, which will give you a smooth transition from main point to main point. To help you with your main points, outside resources can be used.
When using outside resources, in-text citation and a reference page will be used. In-text citation formats are discussed in the Marine Corps University Communications Style Guide. When available the author, date, and page number are required if you are using someone else’s words or idea. The following sentence is an example of borrowed language from the Purdue Online Writing Lab. “Book and periodical titles (titles of larger works) should be italicized.
Article and chapter titles (titles of shorter works) should be enclosed in double quotation marks”
(Purdue University 2018). Notice how the quote came first followed by author and year in parenthesis. The ending punctuation was not in the quotation marks, but was placed after the citation. If you introduce the citation information in the sentence you can omit it from the end of the quotation as follows. Purdue University (2018) wrote, “Book and periodical titles (titles of larger works) should be italicized. Article and chapter titles (titles of shorter works) should be enclosed in double quotation marks.” If there are page numbers those would still go in the end of
LastName 3 the sentence before the final punctuation mark. Along with in-text citation formatting, text should have a specific format.
Text format should be formatted as described. Times New Roman size 12. Margins will be one inch on all sides. The document will be double spaced, to allow for comments to be written in between lines. At the top right of the paper will be your last name, followed by the page number. The first page will not have this. The page directly after your title page will have
your last name and start the page numbering at 1. Just like the rest of the paper the references page also has a certain format. You will see that on the next page as it is always start on the following page after the text. The top of the page will have “References” centered. The references that follow will be in the format similar to the first reference line. They will all be in
alphabetical by author. As you see the page numbering will continue on the top right of the page like the rest of the document.

Last Name, First Name. Year. Title. City, State: Publisher.
Commandant of the Marine Corps. 2002. Marine Air-Ground Task Force Staff Training Program. MCO 1500.53A.
Headquarters US Marine Corps. 1991. Warfighting. MCDP 1. Washington, DC: Headquarters US Marine Corps.
Miles Price (education specialist at iParadigms). 2015. discussion with author.
Travis, Jon, and Joyce Scott. 2014. “The Courage to Lead: Cases in American Higher Education.” Journal of Case Studies in Education 5 (2014):
Basic Elements
Marine Corps Orders
Doctrinal Publications
Personal Interview
Article Found Online

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