Internally Consistent Job Structures for eSonic

Internally Consistent Job Structures for eSonic Complete Section 1 – Develop Internally Consistent Job Structures for e-sonic by:

  1. Creating Job Descriptions (In this section, you will list which 4 jobs you chose from Appendix 2 and why. You will also discuss the best practices in writing job descriptions, why we need to do it, how we do it, etc. – and include the job description OR add it to an Appendix at the end of the assignment). For the job descriptions, you should create your own description using Appendix 2 as well as other resources (some suggestions are listed in the announcement). Sample job descriptions are on page 16 of MyManagementLab and on page 125 of the text (Table 6-3, chapter 6). Remember when creating your job descriptions you should NOT copy and paste from O*NET – this is a resource, not a tool to plagiarize.
  2. Creating Job Structures (In the body of the paper you will provide a brief explanation of what job structures are, why they are important and best practices in creating job structures.) The job structures should be based on the 4 job descriptions you chose so, the amount of job structures you include in the assignment should be between 1 and 4. (For example, if you chose 2 marketing positions and 2 software positions, you would have 2 job structures OR if you chose 4 marketing positions, you would only have 1 job structure.)
  3. Build Point Evaluation Method

Select benchmark jobs (In this section you will discuss the proper steps in determining which jobs should be benchmark jobs. Talk about best practices in selecting benchmark jobs.)

Choose compensable factors based upon benchmark jobs. (In this section, write about the definition of the step, best practices, etc.)

Define each of the factor degree statements.

Determine weights for each compensable factor.

  1. Calculate Point Values for e-Sonic Jobs

Determine point value for each compensable factor.

Use the job evaluation worksheet to calculate point values for each position.

Distribute points for each compensable factor across degree statements.

Rate jobs using point method.

Individually rate jobs to ensure reliability.

Resolve any discrepancies in point totals.

Rank jobs in each job structure according to results of your point evaluation.

Tables, graphs, etc. for Milestone Two should include the following:

Compensable factors based on benchmark jobs (see figure 4 on page 19 of the Project TXT file)

Factor Degree Statements (see figure 5 on page 20)

Weights (see figure 6 on page 22)

Distribution of points (see figure 7 on page 23)

Rating of each job (see figures 8 pages 23 and 24)

Ranking of the jobs (see figure 9 on page 25)

Subject Headings for Milestone 2 should include a minimum of the following:

Creating Job Descriptions

Creating Job Structures

Build Point Evaluation Method

Calculate Point Values for e-Sonic Jobs

The written portion of the assignment should be at least 5 pages in length, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins. The 5-page minimum does NOT include graphs, charts, etc.


Be sure to watch your grammar and citations. Each assignment will be submitted via TurnItIn (please refer to the syllabus for more information on the Academic Honesty Policy).

For assistance on proper citation and appropriate paraphrasing, review the Proper Citation and Writing announcement I posted on Nov. 6th, contact the Library Reference Desk or go to Your Sources Guide: You may also submit your assignment to the Online Writing Center for feedback prior to submitting the assignment in the course for a grade.

Some tips:

Section 1 is fully described in MyManagementLab. Be sure to follow pages 12-25 step-by-step.

Follow the outline in the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric to guide you through the milestone.

Be sure to refer to the course text for concepts to assist in completing your assignment, especially pages 135-138.

Choose 4 of the jobs from Appendix 2 (pages 57-60) in the MyManagementLab project tab to use as the sample jobs for your assignment, create job descriptions for each of them and include them in your assignment.

Insert (copy & paste) grids and charts you created into your Word document OR you may add an Appendix with tables, graphs, etc. at the end of the assignment. See examples on pages 17-25 in MyManagementLab.

The final assignment should be a combination of written explanations, job descriptions, factor degree statements and lists/charts. The assignment should be submitted as 1 Word document. Only the last submitted document will be graded.

A separate Title Page and Reference Page is required. The Reference Page MUST include at least 5 scholarly references.

Some additional helpful websites are:,,,, , and

Some resources for job descriptions:

The Occupational Information Network O*NET:

How to Write a Job Description:

1 of 5:

2 of 5:

3 of 5:

4 of 5:

5 of 5:

When working on the Compensation Project, I suggest focusing on each milestone, one at a time – the course is structured that way so that the project does not get to be overwhelming. As you read each chapter in the text and learn the compensation concepts throughout the course, the project will make more sense to you. Each milestone will build upon the previous milestone. Follow the instructions in MyManagementLab step-by-step for best results and the best possible grade.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the assignment by posting your question in the Discussion Board Questions thread, or feel free to send me a private email.

Looking forward to reviewing everyone’s Milestone Two Assignment at the end of this week!

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