International Business Implementation

International Business Implementation For the company Tesla Corporation, based on the textbook, cases, and lectures, develop a strategy for this company to enter, compete, and grow in a foreign country (The Company must not already be in the country you choose.).

International Business Implementation
International Business Implementation

Clearly explain you’re recommended: a) strategy; b) organizational architecture; c) control systems; and d) processes for building capabilities, innovating, and motivating people Write a report of no more than 1,500 words.
Along with a maximum 1500 words, in the report, include as many charts/ graphs and other data tables that support your business plan to take Tesla motors to an international country. (Remember don’t pick a country where Tesla already has their business)
Prove in the report with analysis and data/factual figures why Tesla must go to this international country, and explain how and why it will be a profitable venture there in the long run.

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