International Business Management and HR Journal

International Business Management and HR Journal Locate and critically analyze an article from an Economics/International Business/Management/HR journal in light of the theories studied throughout the unit.

International Business Management and HR Journal
International Business Management and HR Journal

Examples include: BREXIT; The Royal Commission into Banking, Superannuation and

Financial Services Industry (Australia).

You will find such articles in daily newspapers as well as in more dedicated economic/business journals such as The Economist magazine. Factiva, an electronic database system available through the ACU Library also allows you to search for newspaper articles on specific topics. Please Note – your business article must have been published within the last six months.

International Business Management and HR Journal Requirements

The article analysis is comprised of a written paper of no more than 1500 words. In preparing your business article critique you should:

Provide a brief discussion of the article and point out the three most important issues contained within the article. Do not simply summarize.

Point out the underlying theoretical concepts which are relevant to the article

Point out the related policy issues (e.g. what government policy is or should be) and debate around the issue.

Provide a critique if the article contains discrepancies/ ignores important policy problems or issues or is inconsistent with economic or other theories studied in this unit.

The article should be properly referenced at the end of the paper and include a copy of or a link to the article.

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