International Business Management Paper

International Business Management Paper Integrate information from Phase I and Phase II, assess the situation, and conduct further research.

International Business Management Paper
International Business Management Paper

The project must embody the following: marketing, currency factors, legal factors, human resources considerations, trade agreements, strategic factors, cultural factors, and risks.
Your paper (plan) must have:
Cover page
Multinational Background
International Strategy
Objective for expansion
How the Globalization of the World Economy is Affecting the firm
SWOT analysis of firm
The two Foreign Countries the firm is not currently present:
Political and Cultural Aspects
Environmental Aspects
Social and Economic Aspects
Trade Risks
Entry Mode in Foreign Country and Why
The Opportunities and Strengths of Doing Business in the two Foreign Countries
The Foreign Trade Issues to be Faced When Expanding to the two Foreign Countries
Human Resource Management in the two Foreign Countries
Plan Conclusion – Summation of the best country for expansion based on the two presented countries
Conclusion or Summary of the paper
Your project must be in APA format.

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