International economics Research Paper

International economics
International economics

International economics

International economics Research Paper

Is the US-China trade war beneficial to workers in your state?
Choose a state in the United States. Provide information and answer the following questions using data 2000-2016

U.S. Tariffs on Chinese Products:

List of approximately $200 billion worth of Chinese imports that is subject to an additional 10% tariff starting on September 24, 2018, and increasing to 25 percent in January 2019.

China Tariffs on U.S. Products

China put additional tariffs of 25 percent on $16 billion worth of U.S. imports in September 2018, from fuel and metals to autos and medical equipment, as the world’s largest economies escalated their trade dispute.

The tariffs will be activated on Aug. 23, the same day that the United States plans to begin collecting 25 percent extra in tariffs on $16 billion of Chinese goods.

1. What are the top agriculture, mining, manufacturing and service industries (3 digit NAICS) in your state based on sales, and employment these industries? What has been the growth rate of these industries? Use Data from BEA and Economic Census. Provide evidence 2000-2016.

2. Is the U.S. an exporter of good/services from the top Industries of your state in 2012?
a. Provides statistics on Total U.S. Exports of goods and services (for the whole U.S.) in the top industries of your state. Provide evidence 2010-2016.
b. What has been the growth of sales and employment in the industries in your state? Provide evidence 2010-2016.

3. What products in the September 24th list of goods that the U.S. has imposed a new 10% tariff and up to 25% in January (choose 25) are in the top industries in your state? What are these products? Does your state export these goods internationally or to other states? Does your state benefit from the imposition of tariffs on those gods? Show statistics from 2010 to 2015 on the top exports of your state and their destinations.

4. Will your state benefit from an increase in tariffs of aluminum and steel previously implemented by President Trump? Will your state benefit from increase in tariffs on solar panels and washing machines implemented by President Trump? Provide Evidence

5. What products in the September 23rd List of goods that China has imposed t 25% in January (choose 25) are in the top industries in your state? Has your stated been negatively affected by the Chinese 25% tariffs on Soy Beans, coffee, whiskey, pork,

6. What has been the inward Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in your state in the top industries and the bottom industries from 2000 to 2016.
a) Provide FDI evidence for 2000 to 2016
b) What countries engaged in inward FDI in your state in 2000 and 2016?
c) Has there been an increase in “greenfields” (new foreign plants) in our state?

7. Has there been a large number of plant closings in your state? In what industries? Provide evidence 2000-2016

8. What has happened to wages and employment in your state overall and the top and bottom industries? What has been the wages for low skill and high sill workers in your state? Provide evidence 2000-2016.

9. Conclusion: What would you say will be the overall effect of the US-China Tariff war in your state? Will your state benefit or be hurt by the Tariff War? Based on your research for your industry, would you suggest to Congress to enact pro-trade or anti-trade policies.

The Format of Research Project:

The research project should have 8 to 10 pages for groups of 2 students and 10 to 12 pages for groups of 3 students. Groups of 3 students should complete question 10 in the assignment sheet.
1. Introduction
2. Main Point of Paper/Hypothesis
3. Body of Paper and Evidence using Graphs/Tables
4. Conclusion
5. Bibliography

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