International Entrepreneurship Essay Paper

International Entrepreneurship
International Entrepreneurship

International Entrepreneurship

Each student will prepare and submit a written assignment (60%) based on a detailed investigation of a particular International) Entrepreneurship topic (See below). This assignment requires each student to undertake a critical literature review of their allocated topic indicative (but not exhaustive) topics are listed below, and identify and synthesize the key issues and themes emerging (maximum 2000 words).

(See Carter, S., & Jones-Evans, D. (2012)
Indicative areas include:
1. International Entrepreneurship & economic development
2. Government and small internationally active small business
3. International Entrepreneurial opportunities
4. Psychology of the (international) entrepreneur
5. Growth & development in the international SME
6. Explaining rapid internationalisation

Please note the Chapter indicated above should form the basis of your assignment and you should research your topic beyond the scope of the Chapter.

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