International management and leadership

International management and leadership
International management and leadership

International management and leadership

You have been asked to provide briefings to orient the next person sent abroad. Write a briefing that will:

Assist one of your female managers from India in adjusting and communicating well with business people in a South American country of your choice. (Remember that South America is a continent, not a country).
Assist the executive from your chosen country in adjusting and communicating well with the female manager from India.
You may include areas as simple as basic etiquette in that culture to more sophisticated elements of business communication and business relationships.
APA format is mandatory (in text and in the reference section).

There are two main types of databases accessible in the library, through “FIND ARTICLES & BOOKS.” Keep in mind that the most popular databases are: ABI Inform Global, Academic Search Premier, and Business Source Premier. As a graduate student,
you must steer away from inferior Web sites with anonymous writers, articles found on consultant Web sites, materials on  sites like,, etc. Dictionaries and Encyclopedias most often repeat the information from your  text. Acceptable Internet resources include among others government sites (especially for statistics).
You are not permitted to use any open-source Web site in this course.

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