International Social Welfare Problems

International Social Welfare Problems Log 2 will be based on media stories on international social welfare issues or problems.

International Social Welfare Problems
International Social Welfare Problems

You will use, at minimum, 2 media sources that provide a report of the issue(s).

Appropriate sources include New York Times, BBC, Reuters, Washington Post, U.S.

News and World Report, The Wall Street Journal, or The Economist. International social welfare issues must be addressed. All selections should be current, that is, not more than one month old and should NOT be opinion articles.

For this log, you should write 3 typed pages (900-1200 words), 12-point standard font, and double-spaced pages and include the following:

(1) A brief summary of the article, including the name of the article and the media source

(2) A clear description of how the story is relevant to international social welfare

(3) A clear application of how two or more of the concepts covered in course materials relate to the topic of the article and your understanding of the event. Offer a critical analysis.

(4) Incorporate in your analysis comparison of how the story has been interpreted/ignored/differentially communicated by at least one other media source (attempt to locate a media source covering the event from a different country or different political perspective to structure your comparison).

(5) Your personal reaction to the story and/or how it is being communicated.

(6) Works Cited page is required indicating all sources referenced.

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