Internet and Democracy PTA Meeting

Internet and Democracy PTA Meeting Ms. Lee, one of your favorite former high school teachers, has gotten into some trouble. Here’s what happened.

Internet and Democracy PTA Meeting
Internet and Democracy PTA Meeting

After your recent email exchange, she has remained deeply troubled by social media’s impact on public discourse. This “filter bubble” threat has pushed her “to take a stand.” Last week she disconnected all the classroom computers and explained to her students that she “unplugged the room for the sake of democracy.” She then encouraged the class to join her after school the following week for an organized protest at the local school district’s offices. The school district happens to be in advanced talks with companies, Apple and Adobe, about receiving a multi-million dollar grant through a White House Connected initiative.

Internet and Democracy PTA Meeting and the Technological Infrastructure

This money will be used to improve the district’s technological infrastructure, which includes updates to broadband access, teacher technology training, and personal laptops for all students. “Don’t be tempted by all the money they’re dangling in front of you,” Ms. Lee warned her students.
Ms. Lee’s actions have been met with outrage from parents who consider technology education an important part of preparing students for the future. These parents believe that Ms. Lee is being reckless and incompetent, and they are considering lodging a formal complaint with the principal.
As a former star student of the school, you have been invited by the local Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. to share your thoughts on Ms. Lee’s actions, and to hopefully shed some light on your former teacher’s motivations. These parents are incredibly upset and by the end of this speech, you hope they won’t make any rash decisions (like calling for Ms. Lee to get fired). Make your speech about 500 words.

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