Internet use policy Essay Assignment Paper

Internet use policy
          Internet use policy

Internet use policy

1. Share an acceptable use and Internet use policy with your peers and discuss the elements that are difficult, or not difficult, to enforce.

2. Using Fontaine (2016) which based on experience in the mining and metals industry.

Examine an industry with which you are familiar, and discuss how Fontaine’s general model for project risk management does or does not fit for your chosen industry.
Give examples of the conceptual study, prefeasibility study, feasibility study, and project execution in your chosen industry.

Support each of the questions with at least one current (no older than five years) scholarly source.

Fontaine, M. (2016). Chapter 4 – Project risk management. In P.A.J. Green (Ed.), Enterprise Risk Management: A Common Framework for the Entire Organization. Waltham, MA: Elsevier.

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