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Internship Report Paper
              Internship Report Paper

Internship Report Paper

At the end of your internship you are required to complete a report about your internship. This is a very important part of your internship because you will be assessed on whether or not you have successfully learned the lessons of work.

The suggested outline for your Internship Report and Presentation might be:
o Introduction (1/2 page),
o Company profile (1/2 page),
o Job description and work plan (1 page),
o Internship objectives (1“ 2 pages),
o Accomplishments (2 “ 4 pages),
o Lessons learnt (1 “ 3 pages),
o Conclusion (1 page).

Please summarize your work experiences rather than re-submitting your Fortnightly Status Reports and complete examples of your work.

This is a formal report so professional writing standards are required (e.g. grammar and spelling must be correct). The Report must be concise and focused.

Your Internship Faculty Supervisor will read your Internship Report and compare it to your work plan to see if you achieved what you intended to achieve in your internship.

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