Interpersonal communication Essay Paper

Interpersonal communication
               Interpersonal communication

Interpersonal communication

Q 4
table 4.1 on page 129 of your text lists common human emotions. Pick one emotion from the list and answer the following questions in a 350-450 word response. If a particular emotion has already been selected by 3 classmates, please pick a different one:
What emotion did you select?
Do you think this emotion is facilitative or debilitative? Explain your reasoning.
If you think the emotion is facilitative, how does it contribute to effective functioning? If you think the emotion is debilitative, how does it detract from effective functioning? Please provide a personal or hypothetical example that demonstrates how the emotion impacts the health of interpersonal relationships.

Please write a 350-450 word response that explains your thoughts about the following:
Choose one of the three social roles explained in pages 91-92 of your text: a) gender, b) occupational, or c) relational. Explain how this area has influenced your perceptions. Use examples from your own life in your discussion.
Explain a misunderstanding you have had with someone who occupies a different social role than you do. What did the misunderstanding indicate about the way in which you and the other person views the world? Use terms, theory, or vocabulary from the text to discuss your answer.

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