Interpersonal Relations in Management

Interpersonal Relations in Management The purpose of the final assignment is to apply what you have learned in the course to your own lives. The paper will take the form of a personal analysis in which you will assess your own interpersonal competence in both work and personal settings.

Interpersonal Relations in Management
Interpersonal Relations in Management

You may draw upon specific examples to illustrate how the various concepts relate to your own situation.
Your analysis should focus on the following:
Discuss the essentials of your self-concept? your own ego ideal, assumptions and frame of reference that guide your interactions with others. Select an event or issue of current importance to you (happening during the timeframe of this course, Fall 2013). You can consider issues of current national debate such as gay marriage, gun control, Obamacare, the government shut-down, or others of your choice. Explain how you react to these events or issues based on your own individual frame of reference (values and beliefs). Be specific.
Based on what you have learned in class, how would you go about creating a good enough facilitating environment? in a work organization? What specific behaviors would you demonstrate? What skills would you employ? Give one concrete example of how you would do this.
What is the most important thing that you have learned in this class? What has changed most significantly for you in the way that you observe and behave in interpersonal relationships? What would you like to improve?
Suggested length: about 10 pages, double-spaced

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