Is there a connection between vaccination and Autism

Is there a connection between vaccination and Autism
Is there a connection between vaccination and Autism

Is there a connection between vaccination and Autism

I: Operationalized Problem Statement
Conceptualize your topic statement. Write conceptual definitions for ambiguous words in your topic statement.
– For example, what is meant by “more,” “tall,” “poor,” etc?
Rewrite your topic statement into a problem statement so that there is no ambiguity.
– Do the words you have selected have shared meaning when read by your peers?
Operationalize your concepts by making a chart for each concept:

II: Identifying the Sample
Using 2 pages or less, propose a sampling design that would be appropriate for your study.
– Define the population, identify the sampling frame(s), and specify the elements and any other units at different stages.
– Indicate the exact procedure for selecting people to be included in the sample.

III: Identify your Variables
List at least 10 variables that are important to your research problem.
– Differentiate the independent variables (IV) from the dependent variables (DV).

IV: Devise an Experiment
In 4 pages or less, devise an experiment that would address your research problem.
– Determine whether this would be a laboratory or field experiment, then answer who, what, where, when and how long–an hour, week, month, year, longer?
– Discuss the extent to which each source of internal invalidity is a problem in the study.
– Propose procedures to cope with these sources of invalidity.
– How generalizable would you expect the study’s findings to be?
– What could be done to increase generalizability?

V: Quantitative Design
Identify 10 quantitative variables and indicate whether the variables are nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio levels of measurement
(refer back to Chapter 4: LEVELS OF MEASUREMENT if you need a refresher).
Create cross-tabulations of these 10 variables (2 per table, at least 5 tables) that would provide valuable information for your research topic.
– You may need to include additional variables (such as socio-demographic variables) go best mine this data.
– After you create (unpopulated) contingency tables, explain why you think this would be of value to your research problem.

VI: Qualitative Design
For a participant observation component, propose an observational plan that would complement the overall survey project. Present in your proposal the following information about your plan (3 pages):
a) Choose a site and justify its selection in terms of its likely value for the research.
b) Choose a role along the participation-observation continuum and justify your choice.
c) Describe access procedures and note any likely problems.
d) Discuss how you would develop and maintain relations in the site.
e) Review any sampling issues.
f) Present an overview of the way in which you would analyze the data you collect.

VII: Mixed Methods
Add a mixed methods design for your proposed study (2 pages).
– Pick a type of mixed method that seems most likely to help answer your research question.
– Explain why it would be advantageous to give priority to either qualitative or quantitative methods, or to give them equal priority.
– Explain whether you think it advantageous to sequence the methods.

VIII: Reflection
At this point in your research process, it is important to reflect on the work that you have done in thinking about your research problem.
(Explain in two pages or less)
– What have you learned about the process over the course of this semester?
– Was the process consistent or different from your expectations?
– Which method do you think works best to address your social problem? Why?
– What questions remain unanswered?

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