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Java Script Discussion Board
              Java Script Discussion Board 

Java Script Discussion Board

I’ve provided 2 discussions that need to be responded separately. Discussion topic is the following: “explain why JavaScript is a case-sensitive language? And why is it important for a programmer to know that?”.

1-)Java script is case sensitive because browser implements strict rules while it interpretes the language. As the variable creation and function creation is dynamic and the developer has the liberty to create the variables and functions, it is much convenient for both the interpretor and the developer to write scripts conveniently.

It is important for the programmer to know this because it facilitates the developer in writing a well read, debuggable, easy to understand instructions.

2-)If you are having case sensitive string troubleshooting issues Stack Overflow has a thread of posts. The programmers recommend using .localeComare() or making all === stings .toUpperCase. I could imagine refactoring international code would be challenging with ä and a being separate base letters. It is all-most funny with how forgiving the Document Object Model (DOM) elements like “ ” or ‘ ’ make no difference but any Capital vs lowercase letter will cause errors. If really want your code to run optimally at scale you need to use “strict mode” to not allow bad syntax errors that do run in regular mode. The Strict mode was added in ES5.

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