Joes Attitude Issues and Failure Problem

Joes Attitude Issues and Failure Problem There are so many things one can blame in this situation. Between his mom, school, background, or even himself.

Joes Attitude Issues and Failure Problem
Joes Attitude Issues and Failure Problem

His mother is what to blame because of what she has done to him and she put so much on him to do. Yes he could of had a better attitude and maybe done better but you really can’t blame him for all of it because what he has to do for his family and then he has to worry about his own life. No teenager is really able to do all of that and still does a good job with his life while having a great attitude. His mom leaves and he has no idea where she is and he takes care of his little siblings and going to bed late, then waking up early getting his siblings to school.

Joes Attitude Issues and Failure Problem Responsibility

His mom has to be there and support her family and he can help her with all that but he should never have to do all of those responsibilities. His mother is responsible because she has not done with what she’s supposed to do for him to worry about his own life.
His mother is what there really is to blame because of what she has done to Joe and all she’s put on him. His mother for some reason leaves almost every night to do what she wants to do, leaving Joe with his siblings for the night and possibly the next day. They have no idea where she is and if she might come home. When she leaves she leaves Joe with no food to feed his siblings or himself. She might want to go do her own things in life but she has started a family and you can’t just leave them. As a 9th grader that’s way too much to put to put on him for him to do good in his own life. His mother shouldn’t be doing that to Joe and all of his siblings.
Joe could have handled this all better and have a better attitude but there is no way anyone can blame him. Joe could have been in a better mood throughout the whole thing and had a better attitude. Joe maybe could have told someone like a teacher, friend or even a neighbor. He could have asked someone for help with taking care of his siblings or having them helps him with his school work. Joe wasn’t able to get good enough grades and stay in school because he has too much to focus on and worry about. There are better ways he could have handled it, but in the end there’s way too much for him to stay in school.

Joes Attitude Issues and Failure Problem for Worrying about Life

Joe has too much to worry about to even get started to worry about his own life, what his mom has put on him is way too much to handle as a young teen. He is too young to handle things that parents have to deal with. He can’t deal with his normal problems because he has to worry about his mom’s problems first. Joe’s mom should really feel bad and care more about her children and her son that’s struggling on his own. His mom has simply put too much on him to do well and stay in school. When he is finished with all of his mom’s responsibilities he has no time to do his own thing. Joe has too much going on to do well at all of it. Joe can’t control all this by himself let alone himself, he can barely handle his own life but now he has to worry about his mom and siblings.
Joe’s mother should be blamed for all of this because she has done and put too much on Joe. His situation is almost like when you have so much stuff going on and limited time that you try to do it all but its not your best for everything. Him quitting school will give him more time to finish other things better. Joe shouldn’t be blamed for any of this, he couldn’t go to school and he was already doing badly for him to stay and stress him out more and more. His mother put Joe in a spot where he looks bad and that he can’t do what he’s supposed to. His mother has simply put too much on him to focus and do well on other things including school.

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