John Calvin’s Doctrine in Eucharist

Please turn in one page essay, which contains a thesis, outline, and a working bibliography before start doing all the essay. it is meant to prevent mistakes
and see whether the topic which you want to talk is okay to my professor. please submit this one page essay before March 30, 2014. the research paper should
be talk about or start from john calvin’s doctrine or theory in eucharist. there is also 3 sources I get from my professor which you should use. they are
“this is my body: the presence of christ in reformation thought by Thomas J. Davis,” “Institutes of the Christian Religion. edited by John T.McNeill.
translated by Ford Lewis Battles, in collaboration with the editor and a commitee of advisers.” and “Institutes of the Christian religion: 1541 French
edition/ John Calvin; translated by Elsie Anne Mckee.” The other 2 resources, you can find it by yourself. You can use more than 5 sources.

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