Justice Health and Health Care and Related Ethical Issues

Justice Health and Health Care and Related Ethical Issues Choose one of the following topics: 1) justice, health and health care 2) allocating scarce resources 3) organ transplantation 4) poverty, health and justice beyond national borders 5) experimentation on human subjects.

Justice Health and Health Care and Related Ethical Issues

Write a 9-11 page double spaced typed paper in which you address and attempt to resolve one or more related ethical issue(s) surrounding the topic. For example, if you are writing on justice, health, and health care, you may want to consider one or more of the moral issues surrounding the Affordable Care Act or the ethical impact of considering social determinants of health as opposed to simply health care in arriving at a just distribution of health.

Justice Health and Health Care and Related Ethical Issues

If you choose to write about the allocation of scarce medical resources, you might consider to what extent personal responsibility for health or social usefulness should be taken into account in allocation decisions. If you are writing on organ transplantation, you might consider whether it would be morally permissible for organs to be bought and sold on the market or whether organ donation should continue to be construed as a gift. If your topic is poverty, health, and justice beyond national borders you might consider where the responsibility for poverty-related illness lies, the ethical issues surrounding the global migration of health care professionals, or the moral significance of determining the appropriate standard of care in international research. All of the above are just possibilities to get you thinking. Feel free to choose and develop your topic as you see fit as long as you focus on the ethical aspects of the issue. Written work in biomedical ethics, as a branch of applied ethics, requires a knowledge of the medical facts of the issue as well as the social policies surrounding it, a clarification of the relevant concepts used to attempt to resolve the issue, and an understanding of the various ethical theories and principles which may be brought to bear upon the issue. In accordance with these requirements, the ideal paper will draw upon 1) external research on the medical and legal facts of the issue, e.g., newspaper and journal articles and videos, etc. as well as a literature review of scholarly articles in applied ethics on the issue 2) the various positions presented by the authors in the text on your issue(s) and 3) the relevant background ethical theories and concepts discussed in the first half of the course.

Justice Health and Health Care and Related Ethical Issues Essay Description

It may be most beneficial for you to write on the topic that your medical ethics committee presented in class, since you will have acquired additional information for writing a successful paper on that topic through the process of preparing for your presentation. You may, of course, write on another topic; however, that may require researching the topic in more detail. In any case, your paper must make use of three external sources. Your paper will be graded on the basis of your presentation of the ethical dilemma that the issue embodies, your ability to incorporate the various positions of the authors in the text concerning your issue(s), your understanding of the relevant background ethical theories and principles which apply to your issue(s), the thoughtfulness and creativity that you exhibit in choosing which theories and principles to apply to the issue, and the organizational structure of your paper.



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