Lab Report Problem Statement Requirements

Lab Report Problem Statement Requirements 1. Problem Statement

In this section, you should describe the problem in your own words. The problem statement should answer questions like:

Lab Report Problem Statement Requirements
Lab Report Problem Statement Requirements
  • What are the important features of the problem?
  • What are the problem requirements?

Lab Report Problem Statement Requirements

This section should also include a reasonably complete list of requirements in the assignment. Following your description of the problem, include a bulleted list of specific features to implement. If there are any specific functions, classes or numeric requirements given to you, they should be represented in this bulleted list.

  1. Planning

In the second section, you should describe what planning you did in order to solve the problem. You should include planning artifacts like sketches, diagrams, or pseudocode you may have used. You should also describe your planning process. List the specific data structures or techniques you plan on using, and why.

  1. Reflection

In the last section, you should reflect on the project. Consider different things you could have done to make your solution better. This might include code organization improvements, design improvements, etc.

Lab Report Problem Statement Requirements

You should also ask yourself what were the key insights or features of your solution? Were there alternative approaches or techniques you could have employed? How would these alternatives have impacted a different solution?

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