Leadership Case Study Essay Assignment

Leadership Case Study Essay
Leadership Case Study Essay

Leadership Case Study Essay

Important information about this assignment:

Watch the video on HBR Case Study Lecture

Read the HBR Case Study: Leadership Development – Perk or Priority? by Idalene F. Kesner. Prepare a proposal for Barton to present to Palmer in support of a leadership development program.

A proposal is a request for something, which in this case is money for a leadership development program. A proposal defends its request with analysis and logical and relevant information and advocacy for the request.

(1) State your (Barton’s) request.

(2) Cite to passages and information in your Zenger and Folkman textbook to support your (Barton’s) request.

(3) Use the data in your textbook to argue for the resources Barton is requesting in your proposal.

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