Leadership, Managing in the 21st Century

Leadership, Managing in the 21st Century
Leadership, Managing in the 21st Century

Leadership, Managing in the 21st Century

(1) Leadership, Managing in the 21st Century; (2)Conflict/Teams&Groups; (3) Motivation;

(4) Organizational Design & Bullying; (5) Planning/Control/Quality; (6&7) Ethics & Decision

Making; (8&9) Globalization & Strategy; (10) Diversity.

Each entry should include insights you gained from the required text reading, along with real life experiences or applications of the knowledge learned. Include stories from work, news, or other reflections.

Each entry should be buttressed with research support, in an effort to showcase your mastery of the material through application of course concepts.

This should include how a situation at work (or a work situation in general) could be improved using the concepts provided in the course module

Please DO NOT summarize the text or web-based information.

This journal should be a reflection of what you have learned and how you will utilize this information.

Both your mid-term and final journal should be submitted in a WORD document comprised of entries that are approximately one single spaced page each (NOTE: all three entries should be in the same document). At the beginning of each entry, state the unit number and name (i.e., Unit 1 – Leadership).

Remember to follow the APA style guidelines format for your references!

Your final paper should include:

1.A cover page

2.An Executive summary (much like an abstract).

3.Your journal (approximately 6 pages – your original three entries, plus your last three entries from the second half of the term).

4. A reference cited page, adhering to APA format, or, references included at the bottom of each entry.

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