Lean Manufacturing Basics Essay Paper

Lean Manufacturing Basics
Lean Manufacturing Basics

Lean Manufacturing Basics

Part A: Search the internet for an appropriate instructive video that presents the basic concepts of lean manufacturing, lean production, or lean principles. YouTube, Google Videos, or Bing Videos are good resources to search for an appropriate video. Post the link to the video that you have identified, briefly summarize the video, and discuss the main concepts of lean manufacturing as described in the video. Explain how a lean strategy can help an organization achieve its goals.

Additionally, choose an element (or elements) of lean manufacturing you feel most affects the overall operation and describe why this is the most important concept.

Part B: In response to your peers, do you agree or disagree with the significance of their chosen concept? Why or why not?

  1. Article: A Brief History of Lean


This article presents the history and brief evolution of lean manufacturing, beginning with Henry Ford and concluding with lean manufacturing practices today. Additional information regarding lean is contained within this website.

This resource supports this module’s discussion.

  1. Article: Toyota Production System


The Toyota Production System was termed lean manufacturing by the authors of The Machine That Changed the World. The Toyota website provides a detailed description of the Toyota Production System.

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