Legislative Changes for the Future   

Legislative Changes for the Future   
  Legislative Changes for the Future

Legislative Changes for the Future

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Capstone Project
Legislative Changes for the Future


You have been asked to address a group of the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP) about the roles that the following types of nurses can offer to adults over 50. In one role you are a Geriatric Nurse Specialist in another role you are a REGISTERED Nurse with a BSN.

Explain the difference in the two roles above and the potential impact of each of those roles could have on the health of seniors. Be sure to explain the NURSING role so that your lay audience can understand. You will want to cover the roles separately and what differences in the types of services each could offer.

Knowing the AARP is one of the most influential lobbying groups in the US, are there specific legislative agendas that you would like them to support in expanding the role of nurses?


Currently, it has been evident that the population of the elderly is growing faster as it has never been. It is now the responsibility of nurses and you the American Association for the retired persons (AARP) to assure these old people live long.In the care of this care of the aged you will encounter two categories of nurses.You should be able to differentiate between the two categoriesof nurses. Geriatric nurse specialists are nurses who have advanced knowledge elderly care. This group of nurses possess an extra education on the care of elderly people.

Roles of geriatric nurse specialist

  1. They advocate for the elderly and educate the community against the myths related to old age.
  2. They also act as clinical practitioners who entail assessing and identify problems.
  3. These nurses do research pertaining the aged people.(Brinkman&any Widener University, 2013, Pg.85).

Those having a bachelor of science in nursing offer their services to the elderly just like to any other individual of age.

Roles of BSN nurses

They offer services such as

  1. Diagnosis

2.Injecting and issuing pre-orders

  1. Administering drugs(Brinkman&any Widener University, 2013, Pg.85).

Differences between Geriatric nurse specialist and BSN nurses

  1. Geriatric nurse specialists have carried out further studies specializing in care for old age people while BSN nurses only have a degree in nursing which Geriatric nurses also have.
  2. Geriatric nurse specialists have management and leadership positions in elderly day health care centers while BSN nurses are their juniors.
  3. They do researches on old age diseases while the BSN nurses do not.

Nurses have a great impact on the society. Their existence have increased the lifespan of the elderly people.

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) should chip in to provide funds that will help in expanding services of these nurses. They should also inform the society about the import roles nurses play to the elderly. By doing this they will be giving credit to the nurses.


Brinkman, M. A., & Widener University. (2013). A focused ethnography: Experiences of registered nurses transitioning to the operating room.


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