Leisure and Tourism Assignment Paper

Leisure and Tourism Assignment
Leisure and Tourism Assignment

Leisure and Tourism Assignment

Leisure and Tourism Assignment

1; Select a type of commercial, governmental, or nonprofit organization and explain how that organization might adapt for 1 of the changes in demographics we’ve discussed:

The aging of the largest segment of the population, the Baby Boomers

The change in ethnic demographics and increase in minority participation in leisure/recreation/tourism

The prevalence of dual-earner families/single-parent families

The steady increase of television use

(for example – Bloomfield Township Recreation Department will deal with the aging of the population by providing fitness classes designed for senior citizens).

2: Explain how travel and tourism fit into one or two of the definitions of leisure (e.g. leisure as state of mind, relaxation theory, etc.)

3: Differentiate between incentives and exhibitions in MICE tourism.

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