Letter to the Editor on Economic Issue

Letter to the Editor on Economic Issue There is a checking system for similarity, it has to be original work.

Letter to the Editor on Economic Issue
Letter to the Editor on Economic Issue

The first assignment is a one-page letter to the editor. You will find letters in the print edition on the second page of the Op-Ed section, next to the
Editorial. Look over several articles from different issues of the WSJ before you begin to write your letter.
Today’s paper, Thursday, April 21, 2018, has five articles that illustrate what I am looking for in your paper. Look on page A14 of the print edition under
the headline “We Hear Fed’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ but It’s Not Over” for some good examples. The first letter cites the article that all of the writers
address. It briefly summarizes the issue under consideration, the Federal Reserve’s decision to reduce bond purchases. Make sure that the article you
reference also concerns an economic issue. The first three letters are especially good. Each presents evidence from other sources to support the writer’s
point of view. The writing in these letters is uniformly good. It is clear, concise and focused. Edit your work carefully and strive to emulate the approach
and presentation of these writers.
There are several good examples of letters to the editor in today’s (1/30) WSJ. Look under the headline “Some Americans Can Retire Comfortably, But Many
Won’t”. This refers to a recent article which argued that Americans have more savings and a better retirement outlook than most people think. Note that
letter takes a position on this economic issue and provides theoretical and/or empirical evidence to support that position.

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