Letter to the Principal Essay Assignment

Letter to the Principal
Letter to the Principal

Letter to the Principal

As educators, community members, and/or parents we all play a role in disrupting problematic school practices. In this final assignment you will identify one problematic practice in education and, (1) describe the problem (historical context), (2) explain why it is harmful to students, and (3) offer solutions. The assignment will be written in the form of a letter to a school principal or school board. You must use at least 3 reputable sources, such as, academic articles, books, news articles, and/or data, to support your argument. .Also, please refer to the rubric to earn full points for the assignment.Letter Format Top, right: First and Last name First line: Dear Principal or Dear School Board Body: Single-spaced Font: 12 point Margins: 1 all sides

one problematic practice: School tracking: Tracking students into general/remedial and honors/AP courses (grades K-12)

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