Life and Times of Sara Baartman Documentary

Life and Times of Sara Baartman Documentary Discussion 1. Read the articles on Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, and Caster Semenya.

Life and Times of Sara Baartman Documentary
Life and Times of Sara Baartman Documentary
  1. Watch the Life and Times of Sara Baartman documentary.
  2. Write a reflection on the similarities and/or differences in the manner in which Sarah Baartman, Michelle Obama, Caster Semenya, and Serena Williams have been described/talked about in public space.The Life and Times is the poignant story of Sara Baartman, a young South African teenage girl of Khoi descent.
  3. In 1810 she was abducted by an Afrikaaner and was brought to London where she was put on display like a freak at pubs, fairs, museums, and universities because of the ‘unusual’ appearance of her buttocks. She would spend many hours every day on display in London where she was perversely called the Hottentot Venus. 
  4. A debate ensued around her case between the abolitionists of slavery and those who wanted to study her from a scientific point of view. When she died at the age of 25 her brain was removed and put in a jar, along with her genitals. Her skeleton and a plaster cast of her body remain on display at a Paris museum. 
  5. This powerful documentary is only the second film from this young South African filmmaker and heralds the emergence of an exceptionally talented filmmaker.

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