Literature Review on Domestic Violence Case Study

Literature Review on Domestic Violence Case Study Also Journal articles that have been peer reviewed.

Literature Review on Domestic Violence Case Study
Literature Review on Domestic Violence Case Study

Essay to have an Introduction. Main body & Conclusion.

Literature Review on Domestic Violence Case Study Outline

1)Specifically you will need to read through the case study to obtain insight into the perspectives of both the perpetrator and victim
2) Elaborate on the needs that each client may have in the context of the situation that presents
3) Clarify your duty of care to both the victim and perpetrator and any other relevant party that may be directly involved (e.g. children)
4) Review relevant literature to obtain a clear understanding of appropriate interventions that could be applied to the presenting case
5) provide detail of appropriate referral pathways that could be implemented as a complement to your counseling work with them
6) Identify potential challenges you may face in working through the issues of the specific case.
John is a 43 year old male who has been hit by his wife Sally (42 years of age) on a number of occasions. The first time was when he and his wife were first
going out in their early twenties. They were at a party and she noticed him flirting with another woman, who was a mutual friend. Sally noticed that while
John was talking to the other woman, she put her hand on the table to lean on and then he did the same ensuring his fingers touched hers. Both John and the
other woman maintained eye contact while touching hands and smiling at each other without speaking for a minute or so. Sally saw this and was furious. So she
stormed up to John, slapped him across the face and left the party straight way. John felt guilty and tried to catch up to sally before she got in her car.
He was too late. He called her after she arrived home. He said he was sorry for flirting. Eventually they made up and continued their relationship.
Another time Sally hit John was when they were engaged and living together about 12 months after the previous incident. He forgot her birthday. Leading up to
the day he forgot her birthday, Sally felt John was getting more withdrawn and disengaged from the relationship over the last couple of years. He didn’t
speak much, would keep to himself a lot of the time and would sometimes go days without doing much other than coming home from work and going in to his study
to play computer games, work on other little projects on the computer or read. This would make Sally furious. She would try to talk to him and tried to make
him come out but he just seemed to want to be pleasant but keep a distance. On the day of her birthday he came home as usual, went in to the study as usual
and did what he normally would do – keep his distance. When this happened, Sally said she snapped. She said she was in a white hot rage where she pushed open
the door, grabbed his computer mouse and threw it against the wall. She then stared at him and said, “Have you forgotten something?”
John was really worried but at the time didn’t have a clue what he’d forgotten. Sally stared at him and said, “Come on… tell me… have you forgotten
something?” John stood up and slowly turned to Sally and said, “I’m sorry, I really don’t know… I’m sorry… what have I forgotten?”
Sally pushed him and said, “You idiot… I can’t believe it. You brainless idiot!!” and then pushed him again. John shook his head, and said in a calming voice
trying to appease, “I’m really sorry Sally, I honestly don’t know… I wish I could remember… I really do… but what have I forgotten?” After hearing John’s
response Sally shook her head and said, “this is just ridiculous…”. She looked down on the ground, shaking her head… looked up at him and shouted, “I’ve had
enough of this” while landing a closed fisted punch on the side of John’s face and then pushed his computer off the desk. John stared at the computer on the
floor while rubbing his face. Sally stormed out of the room and out of the house.
They made up after John eventually remembered and put on a really excellent birthday surprise party the following day.

Literature Review on Domestic Violence Case Study and Significant

Another time Sally hit John was just after her grandmother had died. This was about 6 months after the previous incident. Sally was quite close to her
grandmother so she was in a significant place of grief over the weeks and months that followed her grandmother’s death, Sally was becoming really frustrated by John because he never seemed to ask how she was going. She says it was like he had no idea she was mourning. One particular night when she came home from work, she had planned with John to have a quiet night. She was hoping to be able to talk with John and share how much she was missing her grandma. When she came home, he was watching a movie on DVD. She was a bit upset with that so Sally decided to sit in the next room and wait for John to connect in and see how
she was going. The DVD went for 2 hours. The whole time the DVD was on John did not approach Sally. After the movie had finished John got up, went over to
Sally and said, hey love, what’s for dinner? Sally snapped. She got up from her chair and started throwing anything she could pick up from the coffee table.
John was bombarded with books, magazines, candles, coasters and a vase that as sally picked them up and threw them directly at John. He ducked and weaved but
the vase hit the back of his head. He stumbled and nearly fell as blood dripped down the back of his shirt. Sally ran up to him crying – not aware how hurt
John was… and started pummeling his back with her fists as hard as she could while crying and shouting. She ran out of the house to a friends place. John
fell to the ground feeling groggy.
After John got up from feeling groggy, he went to emergency. They asked some questions on how he ended up with the cuts in his head and eventually John
explained the truth of what occurred.
It was after this incident that John and Sally were advised to seek counseling. So they booked in to see you.

Literature Review on Domestic Violence Case Study Incidents

In talking with Sally & John you find out that apart from the 3 x incidents explained in the case above, there had been other incidents from time to time
where Sally would throw something at John, like an ash tray, book, spoon etc with a very clear intent to hurt him. There were other times she would push him,
and hit him with either a single open handed slap across the face or a punch from time to time either in the stomach, back or face. There was some bruising
John had that was a result of Sally hitting him and throwing things at him.

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