Littering in Kuwait Synthesis Essay Paper

Littering in Kuwait
             Littering in Kuwait

Littering in Kuwait

It’s a 1500 word synthesis paper based on an environmental issue in the community. it needs to be negative issue (i chose littering) and address how this issue should be dealt with in the future. The paper should follow the MLA guidelines in terms of formatting, in-text citation and the works cited page. Please follow the guidelines below:
1. i took a photo that represents the issue i chose (littering)
2. Paste the photo on top of the paper and start analyzing it give details about time and place and why i stopped at this particular scene. (Time = midday, place= somewhere in Salmiya )
3. Widen the scope of the argument and start talking about this issue in Kuwait and how this should be addressed. Use at least 4 sources(including the photo).. 2 of them need to be primary sources and the other 2 need to be secondary sources, talk to people and add your own input.

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