Living a good life Research Assignment Paper

Living a good life
                Living a good life

Living a good life

People should set goals that are fully based on their own wants and interests, but unfortunately that is usually not the case. Some people pick goals that are based off of someone else’s wants and interests and other people limit their goals because they are afraid of failing. This directly relates to me and my goals. Before I wanted to become a Human Resource Manager, I genuinely wanted to become clinical therapist and own my own practice. Going into college, my plan was to major in Psychology and minor in Business. This way I could become a clinical therapist and also have enough business background to run my own practice. Unfortunately, I scared myself out of this goal because I was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to handle grad school and, ultimately, fail. Based off of previous experiences, when I fail I learn what not to do the next time. At the time, I knew that I would learn from my failure if I didn’t succeed in getting my masters, but I felt that it was too big of a risk. I also chose the easier route of less schooling because I was in a hurry to make money and start the rest of my life. LaPorte (2014) says, “constant racing for success creates habitual and unconscious goal setting” (p. 88). I created this new goal based on a fear of failing at my original goal.

The vision I have for myself is to get a job that I love going to and be surrounded by people I love for the rest of my life. I feel my best when I am around people I love or when I am focusing on me. I am honestly my happiest when I am focusing on my health. Not only do I love reaping the physical benefits of working out and eating well, but it honestly makes me feel more alive. Going to school and focusing so hard on my major has gotten in the way of me focusing on myself. I put a bunch of junk into my body because it is all I can afford and also because it is quick and easy. I also never have time to go to the gym, unless I sacrifice time that I should be spending on doing an assignment to the best of my abilities. This makes me dread school because it has become a burden to me. It has gotten in the way of the things I actually enjoy doing. Due to this, I would consider my goal to be sucking the life out of my soul. My soul is charged by the things I love to do, but my goals are getting in the way of me doing them. Although I know it is important to put in the maximum amount of effort into my classes, but maybe I shouldn’t kill myself in order to get an A on every assignment. It wouldn’t be the worst thing to get a B every once in awhile, just as long as I am still retaining the information being taught. I also need to get over my fear of failing. Once I am unafraid, I may be able to create soulful goals that I will genuinely want to accomplish. I need to trust myself, go out there, and fail until I succeed.

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