Living With Mental Illness Essay Assignment

Living With Mental Illness
                 Living With Mental Illness

Living With Mental Illness

Imagine that your significant other has had a long running battle with bipolar disorder. Recently, following a heated exchange, your significant other made a suicidal gesture, resulting in a mandatory hospitalization. To ensure their ongoing safety, your significant other’s assigned social worker wants you involved in developing the after care treatment plan.

Summarize a list of at least three ways living with your significant other’s illness has affected the lives of you and their family.

Next, propose at least three different coping strategies you can help your significant other use when they are experiencing their symptoms.

Finally, propose at least one safety or prevention method you will try to employ in the future to make sure that future suicidal gestures are not repeated.

Information regarding coping strategies, ways in which living with mental illness affects others, and prevention methods are detailed in this week’s readings and resources folder.

Your reaction paper can be written as a letter to your family member or as a report to be given to their social worker. Your essay will be graded on how well you synthesize information from this week’s readings and resources into your answers.

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