Local Government Police Management Essay Paper

Local Government Police Management Essay Paper 1. Discuss how the scientific police movement of the 1930ís effects modern day policing.

Local Government Police Management Essay Paper
Local Government Police Management Essay Paper
  1. List and define the three tests of a public organizationís purpose.
  2. What are the seven desirable traits of a police leader?
  3. How did the Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment change previous assumptions of police patrol?
  4. What is the role of citizen patrols in crime prevention?
  5. What are the three goals of criminal investigations?
  6. What are the four main factors in a police officerís decision to arrest drivers suspected of DWI?
  7. How do education strategies assist in controlling drug use?
  8. What are the three groups that criminal organizations are commonly linked to?
  9. Why is terrorism such an effective weapon in furthering the goals and causes of some groups?
  10. At what point should a police department create an Internal Affairs Unit?
  11. What is the role of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?
  12. Which federal law prohibits sexual harassment and sexual discrimination?

Managing Fire and Rescue Services

  1. List the six changes recommended by the 1973: America Burning
  2. What impact do sprinkler systems have on residential and commercial fires?
  3. List the seven major roles of effective chiefs and managers.
  4. Discuss the five forms of public safety consolidation.
  5. List the ten steps in properly placing and retaining and retaining fire service personnel.
  6. Discuss the disadvantages of a line item budget.
  7. List the various ways that apparatus and emergency vehicles are funded.
  8. What is the value of delegating tasks to employees?
  9. List the six elements of fire department training programs.
  10. What are the ten critical time points in process mapping?
  11. Where does the authority for local fire departments to enforce fire prevention laws, codes, and standards originate?
  12. What is the purpose of fire departments conducting origin and cause fire investigations?

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