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Logical math paper
                    Logical math paper

Logical math paper

It will require that you produce an essay, that engages with contemporary media and/ or readings in Logic, and explains (i)the influence of Logic in our lives, history, technology, etc and (ii) how you expect to use logical concepts, and critical thinking skills that you learned in this class in, for instance, your prospective employments, community participation, adult life, etc. I PLAN TO TAKE THE LSAT EXAM AN ATTEND LAW SCHOOL SO THIS MUST BE INCORPORATED INTO THE PAPER

It should be FULL 2- 3 pages, double spaced . In addition to the textbook, you may use at most two other carefully selected sources, such as journal articles, or good quality internet sources. Your paper is analytical. So, you are to write a paper arguing how Logic is relevant to our lives and how you are going to use skills that you learned in the course. Your paper should have a brief introduction stating your main thesis. In the main part of your paper you will expand on the thesis in a coherent, and thoughtful manner.

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