Long term care industry Essay Assignment

Long term care industry
            Long term care industry

Long term care industry

Case Study # 3 will focus on a current events article related to our long term care industry. This industry has many moving parts and is defined by change. Change is defined as improving the way in which we care for our residents. Change is further defined in legislation/ Change is defined in understanding best practices, high quality, with both outcomes and process in mind. Change is all around us. We go to work everyday, working on change. Lastly, change is defined as organizational success, and please remember financial organizational success is important (not just quality). I am purposely, leaving this assignment wide open. I am interested in how you define change.

Please choose an article that you wish to elaborate on. Please consider a 3 page summary, including your thoughts. As with other work, please include a title page and reference page (plus the 3 page body of your work).

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