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Love canal
                          Love canal

Love canal

This writing assignment deals with pollution, the impact of pollution on the  environment and the inhabitants (People and Animals) and how a change in policy  could affect National Parks.

The first reading is concerned with the Love Canal. The information is found in  the pdf file that is attached to this assignment. This information is amplified in the  text for the course, specifically pages 209 to 212 and is referred to as “Case Study:
The Love Canal Disaster”.
The second reading is the process of extracting oil and gas using a technique  referred to as fracking. This is found in the attached link:

The third reading is from the text in the course found on pages 227 to 232 and  referred to as “Case Study: Gold: Worth its weight?”
This writing assignment will require you to submit an essay in APA format to  Canvas. The paper will have the following three components:
1. Provide a summary of reading 1. Note: This should be a minimum of one page in length.
2. Provide a summary of reading 2. Note: This should be a minimum of half a  page in length. Provide a brief evaluation (half a page minimum) of what your
points of view are with respect to the impact on the environment.
3.Provide a summary of reading 3. Note: This should be a minimum of half a page in length. Provide a brief evaluation (half a page minimum) of what your
points of view are with respect to the impact on the environment.
4. Note the new policy in the United States with respect to National Parks which  would allow for exploration for oil, gas and gold in these Parks. Utah is home  to 5 National Parks – Arches, Canyon lands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon and  Zion. Initial results have shown that fracking fields and gold deposits can be  found in these Parks. The waving of the regulations on polluting streams will  allow for exploitation of the Parks indiscriminately. Gold mining will use the  method called heap leaching. What are your expectations of the impact on
these National Parks in the short term and the long term. You should  consider the National Park, the visitors to the Park, the animals that live in  the Park

This should be about two pages. Therefore, there should be a minimum of 5 pages for this assignment.
In addition, you are encouraged to incorporate outside sources of information to  further reinforce your observations from news articles, journals, or web sites. This paper should be word processed to be Microsoft word compatible in accordance with the
Format for Writing Assignments outlined in the Course Syllabus. Remember you  should have a list of references including the two articles that you selected. The  Paper must be submitted to Canvas (requiring TURNITIN for a plagiarism check),
specifically WRITING ASSIGNMENT #1. The name for the paper should be of the  form: YOUR LAST NAME (of Student) WA1.

You will be graded on the following:
• Format (adherence to APA format)
• Content/Originality
• Length
• TURNITIN or equivalent result
• References.

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