Macroeconomic Analysis Essay Assignment

Macroeconomic Analysis
Macroeconomic Analysis

Macroeconomic Analysis

Section 1:

State the major challenges facing in Florida and the reason/s you believe studying the selected macroeconomic indicators is important. Also, state the major strengths that make your region unique(MIAMI).

Section 2: Macroeconomic Indicators

Here, you need to state the 5 macroeconomic indicators that you are going to analyze for your region.

Section 3: Data Collection and Analysis

Data: state the type of data and the time range of the data you are going to obtain. Also, state the sources (if you have them) where you are going to obtain your data from and share links to the sources if you have any.

Analysis: State what your plans for this section and how are you going to approach the findings from your data section.

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