Malcolm X Response on Autobiography by Alex Harley

Malcolm X Response on Autobiography by Alex Harley In a clearly written paper of 1,000 words (4 pages) construct a thoughtful essay that engages with race in Alex Haley’s The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

Malcolm X Response on Autobiography by Alex Harley
Malcolm X Response on Autobiography by Alex Harley

After reading the first fourteen chapters of the book write an essay that shows how race, during Malcolm X’s childhood, teenage, and early adulthood shaped his later decision to become a Muslim? What factors or events in each of these times of his life made a lasting impact on him?

Malcolm X Response on Autobiography by Alex Harley Essay Requirements

Your paper should follow the basic essay format of an introduction, body, and conclusion. Use the introduction to present general information important in contextualizing gender or race inThe Autobiography of Malcolm X—here you can summarize the book. At the end of the introduction, form an argument that clearly states how you intend to talk about race in the paper.
Finally, the conclusion needs to be critical of the work as a historical source. In the conclusion, critique the book, not the ideas. For example, the book is a great contribution to Civil Rights history because we see how some African Americans chose to use direct confrontation to change segregation in the American South. While it is a great source, it also fails to engage the reader in many places because Malcolm X ideas wander. For example, on page….In another words, use the conclusion to raise any concerns or problems you may have with the book. If you found Haley’s work compelling, state why you think this is a strong contribution to the field of history. Remember, this is a response paper, not a book summary.

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