Management of Physical Agents Management

Management of Physical Agents Management You are the new Health and Safety Manager for a Construction Company.

Management of Physical Agents Management
Management of Physical Agents Management

Your Companies Employees work on many sites over the whole Country and have had little Health and Safety Training as part of their Induction to the Company. Employees are exposed to noise on the sites through both their own activities and also from other trades working around them in the same or adjacent areas.
Several employees have been identified as suffering noise induced hearing loss after visiting their own Doctors. The company has not historically carried out any noise measurements nor does it currently provide audiometry for its workforce.
The main method of noise control on site is the provision of ear plugs or ear muffs, although some workers do not wear them as they complain they are uncomfortable. The choice or ear protection is unclear but appears to be what is available locally.

Management of Physical Agents Management Essay Writing Guidelines

Write a 3000 word management report that critically discusses the noise issues arising and clearly justifies any practical recommendations you may make as a result.
You are free to make any reasonable assumptions that you deem necessary and these can be cited in an appendix to the report. Your report should include details of any measurements and calculations you would plan to carry out. Reference to appropriate legislation, standards, guidance and where appropriate, published research will also be required. Legislation and standards can relate to your own country or a country of your choice.

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