Managing Conflict
 Essay Assignment

Managing Conflict

Managing Conflict

Managing Conflict


Developing Your Conflict Competence: A Hands-On Guide for Leaders, Managers, Facilitators, and Teams (J-B CCL) (Center for Creative Leadership) (2010) ISBN: 978-0-470-50546-5

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Research Paper One Instructions:

You are a middle manager of a Florida state agency in the human resources department. Your boss comes to you and explains that the agency received an anonymous email claiming that an employee was seen being sexually harassed by another employee. Your boss directs you to investigate the anonymous complaint and report the findings.

You then read the email, which claims that employee Jones (male) was seen kissing the neck of employee Smith (female) in the lunchroom and employee Smith became angry, stating, “I told you to quit bothering me.” The anonymous complainant indicated that the behavior was offensive and it should be investigated for possible sexual harassment.

In response to the complaint, you speak to employee Smith, who claims that the behavior was “no big deal” and that it was all in “good fun” and that Smith does not want to pursue the event any further. You then talk to employee Jones, who became very defensive and denied the behavior. As you continued to interview Jones further, Jones became disrespectful and demanded to know who made the complaint. After refusing to show Jones the complaint, Jones refused to answer more questions and left the office in anger.

You subsequently speak to your boss about the conversation and are told to “take care of the matter” without giving Jones any discipline since Jones is the highest producing employee that works at the agency and has had outstanding evaluations for the past 10 years. Your boss further tells you to make sure Jones is “happy” with your resolution to the matter because one of Jones’ relatives works at the Governor’s office and is very influential and has caused trouble for your boss in the past.

You then call Jones into your office to “take care of the matter” and make Jones “happy.” Jones is visibly angry and hostile when Jones arrives at your office.

Using ONLY the concepts contained in the textbook (NO OTHER REFERENCES SHOULD BE USED) relating to different approaches to speaking with angry and hostile employees, please prepare a paper, in APA format, that discusses what you believe would be the most effective way to resolve this situation. Keep in mind that there is no need to investigate the legal requirements of sexual harassment laws since your boss told you to handle the situation without giving any discipline. Therefore, I am looking for a THOROUGH analysis of how you would employ the skills and techniques mentioned in the text to “take care of the matter” and make Jones “happy.” In addition to the thorough analysis of the skills and techniques used, please include a thorough analysis of why you think the techniques and skills used would be effective. Please note, this paper is NOT about the legalities or issues surrounding a complaint about sexual harassment or a hostile work environment, it is about resolving the issues with techniques found in the textbook. Remember, use techniques found in the textbook, not other sources.

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