Managing the Quality of a Process

Managing the Quality of a Process This paper concerns the management of the quality of a PROCESS OF YOUR CHOICE. You will need to select a firm that uses that process.

Managing the Quality of a Process
Managing the Quality of a Process

Quality improvements could be made on a variety of processes. Some examples are: the reservation system at a local restaurant, the management of teller
operations at a bank, the delivery of pizza, etc. In each of these examples the quality of the process used can be analyzed. It is best to select a firm that
you are familiar with, perhaps a neighborhood establishment. Some firms have multiple facilities, so you need to restrict your attention to a particular

Managing the Quality of a Process Paper Requirements

Your paper should contain the following:
1) State your name (last, first), semester, course and section, date due. All this should be on your title page.
2) Show the name of the process whose quality you choose to analyze
3) State the name of the company that you are focusing on
4) Describe as carefully as you can the process you selected that the supplier undertakes to provide the good or service. Explain the several steps involved
in the process.
5) You are encouraged to identify a manager or a supervisor who might be able to explain to you how the process is performed. After identifying yourself as a
student, you must explain to the manager that the purpose of your questions is to write a research paper. Your paper should contain no confidential
information. Tell the manager that you will not report any confidential information.
6) Decide on one important quality feature that you wish to examine relating to the process you selected. For instance, the quality feature in the
reservation system at a restaurant might be the ability to handle late arrivals.
7) Ask the manager: as a manager how do you measure the quality of the process addressed in 6) above. Do you collect data to assess its performance
characteristics and defect occurrences? Can you describe the type of data?
8) Ask the manager: do you use formal quantitative tools to assess the quality performance including the analysis of defective items? Several tools are
suggested in our Operations Management class, such as check sheets, cause and effect diagrams, Pareto graphs, correlation analysis, control charts. Which
tools do you use, and which tools have you found most helpful?
9) Ask the manager: has your analysis led to some ideas on how to improve the quality features of the process we are talking about? Have these ideas been
turned into suggestions for improvement? Where these improvements implemented thanks to your analysis?
10) State your source of information, i.e. your references, at the end of your paper. The information was by interview, so state the name and position of the

Managing the Quality of a Process Grading Criteria

Your paper will be graded on the basis of:
-clarity of your discussion
-how well the paper is organized
-how well it is edited
-the depth and thoughtfulness of your analysis
-your judicious use of concepts from operations management
P.S. I know it’s based on interview so I guess we have to invent one. Company should be from Chicago area.

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