Manifest Destiny Amy Greenberg’s book

Manifest Destiny Amy Greenberg’s book
What is the historical context which Amy Greenberg’s book is written?What is the historical evidence does Greenberg use to write her book ? Greenberg’s book addresses the major themesth that was was the ideology of Manifest Destiny, and the westward growth of the US stemming from that ideology. At what expense did we, as Americans, under the guise of our God-given right to Manifest Destiny, take control of the lands west of the Mississippi River? For the term paper, pick 2 of the themes and write the majority of the paper addressing those issues. Do you think the U.S. government was fair to other nations and native peoples in
our geographic growth. The paper should address should address Manifest Destiny and President Polk’s war with Mexico to to support my thesis in the introductory paragraph.

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