Marijuana laws and legalization Essay Paper

Marijuana laws and legalization
Marijuana laws and legalization

Marijuana laws and legalization

Topic: Marijuana Laws and Legalization Analysis

1. Recently there have been a number of states that have taken it upon themselves to legalize the possession of marijuana, for medicinal and recreational purposes. What are the benefits and costs of legalization in each of the following areas?

  • Taxes?
  • Healthcare?
  • Overall effects on crime?
  • How will legalization impact law enforcement’s role?

2. Assuming the drug is completely legalized, would the same issues apply to the new industry as it does to other pharmaceuticals and the tobacco industries? I am speaking of drug liabilities/lawsuits, research and development, FDA scrutiny, etc.

3. What should government’s (not just law enforcement) role be in regulating all drug use?

4. Assuming marijuana is legalized, should the private sector (employers and various organizations) be allowed to regulate the use among its employees or members?

Each paper will consist of the following:

Introduction and Conclusion

Your readers are uninformed individuals that should learn something from your research.
There should be a logical connection between the introduction and conclusion.


The paper needs to be double-spaced and 6 pages in length, not including the bibliography and title page.
Use a minimum of 6 good sources from texts, websites, magazines, journals and interviews.
When using websites provide the address (i.e., http\\…..).
The sources are to be a variation of the above examples.
Avoid magazines such as Time, U.S. News and World Report, etc. Attempt to use professional magazines, journals, abstracts and government data.
No Wikipedia!
Use the APA Citation Style with page number(s) for the source you are crediting.

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