Maritime Law Group Assessment Task

Maritime Law Group Assessment Task This assignment is a group task. You will work in groups of four to address the task you have been given.

Maritime Law Group Assessment Task
Maritime Law Group Assessment Task

The collision
Two merchant vessels, the Panama-registered container ship the MSC Chitra and the St Kitts-registered bulk carrier the MV Khalijia III, collided at about 9.40 am on the 7th August 2010. The collision occurred in clear weather off Mumbai harbour.
The collision resulted in a severe list of the MSC Chitra, an estimated 900 tonnes of oil was lost which polluted the waters and beaches in the surrounding area. Over 200 containers were also lost overboard; these containers, floating in the water, posed a navigational hazard for ships entering and leaving the channel. As a result, operations at both Mumbai Port and the Jawaharlal Nehru Port were closed for a time.
In your group prepare a report within which you are required to consider the following:
• Analyse the main reasons behind the collision of the MSC Chitra and MV Khalijia III.
• Examine the issues that arose in the subsequent litigation.
Your work should evidence the following:
• It should demonstrate a clear understanding of the subject matter; the issues involved including the relevant law.
• It should evidence the planning and preparation your group have engaged in including the extensive background reading of relevant, level appropriate, literature.
• The work should be presented in a formal report format, referenced in accordance with the Harvard System of referencing, and spelling error free.

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