Marketing Communication Essay Paper

Marketing Communication
              Marketing Communication

Marketing Communication

Project’s Product: Sunsilk Weather Defense Shampoo. Creative Strategy •

Elements to consider (not exhaustive) include:

  • Key Benefit Claim.
  • Creative Idea [needs to thoroughly described and developed] usually uses one of the creative strategies noted in the text and lecture series (unique selling proposition (USB), emotional, brand image, resonance, generic and pre-emptive).
  • The roles of humour, fear, guilt, sex and humour can be considered within the selected creative strategy.
  • Make sure you take into consideration the components of Brand Awareness & Brand Image / Attitude. This requires a thorough understanding of persuasion and the Elaboration Likelihood Model tec.

This knowledge / understanding needs to be incorporated into the execution of outdoor mock ups, TV storyboards, radio scripts etc. for traditional media. (refer to the attachment. It should be something like this.)

Consider a Celebrity Presenter / Endorser. • You need to include detailed explanation and mock ups (TV storyboards, radio scripts etc.) for all traditional media selected for the IMC Campaign in this section.

Traditional media activities include:

  • Television
  • Radio
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Billboard

DO NOT incorporate detailed explanation and mock ups of non-traditional activities in this section.

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