Marketing Management Assignment paper

Marketing Management Assignment
Marketing Management Assignment

Marketing Management Assignment

Marketing Management Assignment

Making use of relevant academic concepts discuss how elements of the marketing mix are being used as tactics to achieve the positioning of one of the following brands within their competitive market place:
ï Entirety Gin
ï Son’s One mini smart speaker
ï Juice Beauty Phyto Pigments Flawless Serum Foundation
You may focus upon positioning in one geographic market if you wish. In order to meet the assignment requirements you will need to undertake factual research particularly in terms of identifying competitors. The purpose of the assignment is that you demonstrate your understanding of how the various elements of marketing interrelate with one another to deliver satisfaction to consumers and success for the organisation. As such the assignment has a more practical slant and so for this assignment (unlike others that you will have to undertake in other courses) you are not required to read extensively around marketing concepts to undertake the assignment ñ the lecture and chapter slides that have been provided plus reading of the relevant chapters in the core textbook should be sufficient. If these are your only sources for theory then you should include a statement to this effect at the start of your assignment.
In order to answer the question effectively you should include consideration of the following issues (although this is not intended as a definitive list):
Who is/are the Target market (s) and what criteria are being used for Segmentation?
What is driving Buyer behaviour eg influences, choice criteria, level of involvement etc.?
Who are the Competitors and what are their market positions and positioning tactics (i.e. the marketing mix) relative to your chosen product?
Positioning – How are the elements of the marketing mix being used as tactics to achieve the desired position in the market, that is different to that of competitors? Remember that it is important to consider positioning relative to the competition. Do not just describe the marketing mix elements ñ you must link them to relative positioning
Product including brand, quality, packaging
Place including range of distribution channels, intensity of coverage (do not just list the various cities or countries where they are available ñ that is not an analysis of place)
Communication including media choices, message style
Do not misinterprete the question and discuss either the marketing strategy or if relevant to the product, the marketing of it as a luxury product rather than positioning relative to competitors.

It’s important to understand that you are unlikely to find all of the information that you might want in published sources. You are going to have to be a bit of a detective and piece together bits of information to develop an overall picture as to how the organisation has carried out itís positioning. You have to work out what you think is happening in the market ñ do not just repeat a piece of information that you have found but think whether it is up to date and does it agree with your interpretation of what is happening in the market. It is essential that you present your own analysis ñ if you find analysis of your chosen product in a website such as essaysUK, blabla, antiessays or do not use it. If you need to make assumptions then make this clear and justify the assumption. You will not be able to effectively discuss the positioning if you do not also consider the relative positioning of major competitors .
Any factual information that you do find and use must be referenced including websites. Company or reputable organisational/industy websites are fine to use but you should avoid Wikipedia. Academic concepts don’t need to be referenced unless you include something that has not been covered in the course.
You are not expected to include extensive explanation or discussion of marketing concepts but you must clearly and explicitly link your evaluation to such concepts eg perceptual mapping or segmentation criteria such as psychographic. Don’t get caught up in telling the story.
You should not just go through the topics above in the order that they are given and write a bit on each. By now you should appreciate that all of these issues are interrelated and your discussion should reflect this. This is not easy to achieve effectively so you will need to spend some time thinking about how the various issues are interconnected and how to explain this as clearly as possible.
The word limit for this assignment will be 2500 (an additional 10% is permissible without penalty) words so use of tables, pictures and diagrams may be very helpful to achieving this. Appendices can also be used (but not too extensively) but of you do use an appendix do remember to refer to it in the text so that we know what area of the assignment you are linking it to.
Don’t forget that the library provides access to many databases and market research reports that may help you in this task.

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