Marketing Manager of Tasmanian Mountain

Marketing Manager of Tasmanian Mountain Assessments 2 and 3 are related.

Marketing Manager of Tasmanian Mountain
Marketing Manager of Tasmanian Mountain

Ensure you read through Assessment 3 before you begin Assessment 2. Length: 2,500 words (excluding the executive summary, appendices, table of contents, reference list, and charts) Weighting: 40%  Submission Notes: Online through Moodle – All assignments should be submitted online through the MRKT 20057 Moodle site. All reports will be checked by Turnitin to compare the report to other sources and will provide students and lecturers with a similarity score for the report. Reports with a similarity score index of more than 20% will be checked for plagiarism (although it may not necessarily mean that the student has plagiarised). Task Description – Individual Report This challenging assessment/task will provide you a real-world experience through an applied and innovative task. Choose one of the following products: 1. Tasmanian Mountain Waters TM – Natural Spring Water ( ) OR 2. CAUTHE2019 International Conference, 11-14th February 2019 ( ) You have been hired as the Marketing Manager and your CEO has decided to investigate market opportunities for the potential international promotion and sale of their products or event to one of the following countries: Hong Kong the United Kingdom, or China Choose one of the above countries and write a report on the potential opportunities and threats after conducting a strategic analysis of the environmental variables such as economic, political, social, cultural, technological and any other variables that would influence the market entry in that country. It is recommended that students read various academic materials before writing this report. You will be expected to have consulted books, relevant academic journal articles, conference proceedings, theses, dissertations, market reports and so on to write the report (i.e. support your arguments with theories and market figures). You should start working on the assessment as early as Week 4. Students can follow the report structure below: title page with unit name and code, student name, student id and campus and date; executive summary (not more than 1 page); table of contents; introduce the background information necessary to understand the product and the country of your choice; discuss the environmental variables (economic/financial, political/legal, social/cultural, technological) that may affect your international marketing campaign in that country; conclusion and recommendations for moving forward on the export opportunities or threats list the references (at least 15 academic references) Appendices (where required) You can use the CQUniversity library database and Google Scholar to find journal articles. Remember to reference them in-text as you use them and add them immediately to your reference list. You must use APA Referencing and if using Endnote, you need to download and use the latest version. Be creative! To enhance the presentation of your assignment, use numbered headings and sub-headings to specify the information required for each of the above criteria. The assessment marking criteria below should guide you for this assessment task, in particular, the weighting attributed to each section of the assignment. Please use Times New Roman with font 12 and 1.5 line spacing. Assessment Criteria Maximum Mark Executive Summary 10 Introduction including background information on product and country selections 5 Economic and financial environment analysis 20 Political and legal environment analysis 20 Social and cultural environment analysis 20 Technological environment analysis 10 Academic Quality 10 Professionalism 5 Total 100% Reduced to a grade out of 40 Further information and a detailed marking rubric are provided in Moodle. /100 /40

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